Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Blog You Have Reached Is No Longer In Service

Dear Followers of SBL:

I have decided that the hassle I have gotten as a result of this blog is no longer worth it. My time would be better spent doing things which will provide me with mental, spiritual, and financial enrichment.

Plus, I am just plain bored with it all. The hilarity factor has eroded with time.

I hope that while the blog was here that you got a few laughs, learned a few things, and realized how important it is to do the right things for your customers, employees and friends.

There are lots of deserving businesses out there and I hope you will CHECK THEM OUT and support them as much as possible.

I regularly profile worthwhile companies and individuals on my other blogs:

www.ontrackmoney.blogspot.com and www.grouchymarketinglady.blogspot.com.

Align yourself with quality individuals and companies who will treat you ethically, respectfully, and honorably.

You all now know everything I ever knew about Bob Richards, NF and that company whose name means "A light spear thrown with the hand and used as a weapon."

Go forth and prosper.


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MM said...

Why close down the availability of past posts for those who are learning about Larry Klein's past deceipts? Why not just stop posting as outlarry klein did instead of hiding the past evidence?